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Blood      Star Vampires


   UNFOLDING THE DELICATE LINGERIE from the tissue paper, I held it up and rubbed the soft silk between my fingertips. My stomach fluttered at the thought of wearing it tonight. In my mind, I could still hear the young French woman in the boutique rave how très magnifique it looked on me when I tried it on, and how it would be a crime if I didn't buy it. The guêpière had set me back a small fortune, but she was right. It would be worth every cent to see the look on Benjamin's face when he unwrapped his Christmas gift. “He’s going to love it,” I said with a little squeal.


   I was talking to myself—but so what? I had a right to be a little crazy. I checked the clock; in eight hours and thirty-seven minutes, Benjamin would be here. We had thirty-four glorious hours together before I left for Paris. Thinking about it sent a rush of anticipation up my spine. I looked forward to this evening. I looked forward to Benjamin’s touch, to his taste, to the feel of his bare skin on mine.


Leila Adams is an urban fantasy, paranormal romance, New Adult writer. Her books can be found on and


Join this family of Vampires as they hide in the shadows of our mortal world.


Chapter 1 Excerpt

   Between dance moves, I packed the sexy corset in the vintage Vuitton suitcase. When was the last time I had been this excited about anything? I couldn’t remember when. I’d lost too many years hiding from society, avoiding relationships of any kind, especially romantic ones, afraid someone would notice I was a fraud, an impostor trying to blend in with the crowd. Exposing my secrets could only lead to catastrophe.


   Flipping the top of my luggage closed, I eyed the gaping alligator-like zipper teeth skeptically. Wrestling those jaws shut wouldn’t be easy. Only wanting to play animal tamer once, I pulled out my phone and swiped the screen to ‘Reminders.’ My makeup! I was distracted thinking about tonight, and my cosmetic bag was still in the bathroom. Swaying to the music coming from the little white earbuds, I collected the brightly colored pouch and stuffed it into my Keepall. With a final check, I fought the battle with Beast Vuitton and won.


   Humming to Coldplay, I sashayed into the kitchen and filled my coffee mug. Cupping the smooth, brown Starbucks souvenir in my palms, I double-checked my to-do list. A quick scroll through showed the only errands left were those I planned to run downtown after I checked into the hotel.


   I looked at the time. Only eight hours and nineteen minutes to go now. Excitement vibrated through me like bees buzzing under my skin. Sipping the warm liquid fortification, I shuffled-danced my fuzzy slippers to the porch to retrieve the morning paper. Maybe it was old-fashioned, but I still liked reading an actual paper with my breakfast. Pulling the front door open sunlight glared off the creamy-white stucco walls piercing my eyes, making me squint and raise a hand against the bright reflection. It took a moment for my pupils to constrict. As the landing came into focus, the sights and sounds of the world around me slowed to a crawl. My fingers went slack. The cup slipped from my grasp, rolled onto its side, and splashed dark crimson down the front of me. With a hard pop, the mug landed on the tiled entryway and exploded into a bloom of ceramic fragments, bathing everything in blood.


   Draped across the threshold was a huge bouquet of black calla lilies. Thick, obscene-looking ebony spikes jutted out of velvety folds; a fetid stench filled the air. Wide bloodred ribbon tied in a large bow wrapped the stems, hiding a small envelope. I removed the stationery with a shaking hand, careful to avoid the dark petals as if they might sting. Pulling out the card, I found precise, elegant strokes floating on white linen


     My Darling Lily,

     Have you missed me? I made a promise to you years ago, one I intend to keep. I have waited patiently and watched you from the shadows.      it is our destiny to be together. Do not fret my dear, the time for our reunion is almost at hand.



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