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Leila Adams

Leila Adams has lived in San Francisco, California, most of her life. She grew up, married, and raised two children there. She loves the vitality, diversity, and beauty of the City by the Bay and often uses it as a backdrop in her books.


She spent thirteen years as a public school teacher instilling the love of reading and writing in children. Now she works behind a desk spinning paranormal stories convincing readers to suspend belief in the world of Urban Fantasy with vampires, clairvoyants, and other supernatural creatures. She is currently working on several books. OPIA, a YA novel, Edge of Time, an Adult dystopian novel, and the NA Blood Star Series: Offering, Sacrifice, and Redemption. The first book is due for released on Amazon December 10, 2016, with the others following in the summer of 2017, and January of 2018.


Leila Adams' favorite hobby is traveling the would, and she dreams of riding across country one day on a train as a writer in residence. She is always looking for interesting sights and people to add to her stories. 


Leila Adams. Making the unbelievable believable.  



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