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Blood       Star Series

Offering (Book 1)


Olivia and her family invited an elderly employee into their home Christmas Eve, 1908, and their act of kindness was repaid with a brutal bloodbath. Slaughtered by a Master Vampire and abandoned in the cellar, Olivia and her children were left with a final parting kiss of immortality. Emerging from their hole, they discovered nearly everything they thought they knew about the curse was incorrect. Now, a century later, never having crossed paths with another vampire, they have learned to handle their needs without causing harm, and live among us in our mortal world.


A sexy, romantic, urban fantasy written for New Adults.

Sacrifice (Book 2)


After a century's absence, the vampire that turned Olivia has resurfaced to claim her as his bride. An unfortunate chain of events places the lives of her children in danger. In exchange for their safety, though she has vowed revenge on the vile creature, she agrees to leave her life among the mortals and follow him to Italy.


Fate marked her destiny more than three millennium before in the Vampire Prophecies. It told of the she-vamp that walked between the land of the living and the dead. She would become The Scarlet Queen and unite the Vampire Nation in their quest for world domination.


Will Olivia find a way out and back to the people she loves? Or is she doomed to the bloody life of the Scarlet Queen?

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